Ажилд урьж байна

2021-09-15 15:20:11

Ядуурлыг бууруулах Японы сангийн санхүүжилтээр Азийн хөгжлийн банктай хамтран  Нийслэлийн Засаг даргын Тамгын газрын хэрэгжүүлж буй “Гэр хорооллын нийтийн тээврийг сайжруулах төсөл”-ийн төсөл хэрэгжүүлэх нэгжийн Зохицуулагчийн ажлын байранд нээлттэй сонгон шалгаруулалтыг зарлаж байна.

Доорх ажлын зартай танилцаж, шаардлага хангасан хүн материалаа зааврын дагуу ирүүлнэ үү.

                                                      VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

Mongolia has rapid urbanization since its transition to a market-based economy in 1991. The population of Ulaanbaatar has grown from 794.730 to 1.46 million in 2018. Growth has been a result of in-country migration from countryside to city which is created unplanned ger- areas that extend arounйd Ulaanbaatar. The 60% of the population Ulaanbaatar are living in ger district.

The ger district are low-density, low-income households. Many plots cannot be reached by municipal service; most roads are unpaved and infrastructure is poor or nonexistent. Even some roads do not have elements such as sign, signals, speed bump, pedestrian crossing and so on.    

To improve transport service in ger district, a demonstration corridor has been selected in Chingeltei district. The selected corridor is 5.1 kilometers along 17th and 18th khoroo of Chingeltei district. This corridor was selected in coordination with the Public Transport Service Department and the Governor’s office of Capital City in line with the Ulaanbaatar City Masterplan, due to the prevalence of persons with disabilities using public transportation in the area, complex terrain, road safety issues particularly for children, high public transport ridership, its vicinity to the Chingeltei subcenter development under Ulaanbaatar urban service.

  1. Project coordinator

The Project Coordinator will be responsible for implementation of the project through the effective management, regulating and monitoring of all project activities. The Project Coordinator will work closely with the Asian Development Bank, Ministry of Finance, Governor’s office of Capital city, Road Development department of Capital city and Public Transportation Service department.

Requirements. Project Coordinator shall have:

  • A Bachelor or higher degree related in (e.g., economics, project management, business administration, and public administration) or related technical field;
  • At least 5 years of working experience in coordination and management of project ;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a team, prepare reports, and work with governments, private companies, communities, and civil society organizations;
  • Demonstrated ability to facilitate meetings and negotiations with a wide range of stakeholders, especially governments, private companies, communities, international development organizations, and civil society organizations;
  • A solid understanding of project implementation policies and procedures adhered by the Government and ADB;
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English and Mongolian;
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.,) and excellent web navigation skills.

The duties of the Project Coordinator will include the following tasks but not limited to:

  • Responsible for the overall day-to-day coordination and implementation of the Project;
  • Assist IA including MUB in executing Project agreement, supervising and monitoring project implementation, coordinate with PIU staff and other involved parties;
  • Assist IA to ensure compliance with assurances;
  • Read carefully and regularly update manuals and procedures developed under project such as Project Administration Manual (PAM) and make sure its consistency to reality and propose actions for improvement;
  • Manage all tasks detailed in the PAM as the responsibility of the PMO;
  • Establish and maintain project performance monitoring, including monitoring progress against the Design and Monitoring Framework, PAM, Social Development and Gender Action Plan and Stakeholder Communication Matrix;
  • Manage detailed survey, investigations and engineering design and work;
  • Manage and coordinate inputs from the various consultants engaged on the project;
  • Work with the coordinator of the linked-technical assistance to ensure smooth communication and linkage between the grant and the technical assistance projects;
  • Coordinate the preparation and delivery of any domestic environmental or social safeguard requirement
  • Develop an implementation plan for the project in a line with relevant law, regulations, and project documents, report it to IA, ADB, and project steering committee, get approval;
  • Monitor the quality of the work and report to ADB, IA including MUB and project steering committee in a timely manner on project implementation progress and issues and respond to their guidance;
  • Monitor and maintain the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) which will utilize the existing GADIP GRM
  • Coordinating consultation with local stakeholders as required, informing them of imminent construction works, updating them on the latest project development activities, GRM, etc. Assess the institutional and project risks during project implementation and determine main risk factors and take necessary presumptive risk mitigation measures;
  • Maintain the project advance account;
  • Perform any other tasks required by IA including MUB, ADB and roles and responsibilities stated in the related law and regulations;

Contract Arrangements and Length:

Full-time for one year with possible extension based on performance. Will be provided with office space and furniture.



Interested candidate should submit an application consisting of the following documents, prepared in English and Mongolian language:

  1. Cover letter explaining the reasons for applying to the position, describing how the candidate’s qualification, skills and work experiences meet the selection criteria;
  2. Curriculum Vitae in English (using ADB format for individual consultants) and Mongolian;
  3. Recent photo taken within last 6 months;
  4. Copies of diplomas and relevant certificates;
  5. Proof of English language proficiency;
  6. Any other relevant supporting documents.

All documents should be enclosed in a sealed envelope that indicates the applied position, and delivered to the below address by 12pm, on 21 September 2021.

Attn: Ms. Bujinlkham B,

Specialist of Project Management and Regulation Department

Office #301, The Capital City Governor’s Office

Sukhbaatar square 6, 1st khoroo, Chingeltei district Ulaanbaatar 15160, Mongolia

Tel: 976-11-323304

Please note that the submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.